1. Claus Zielke


    You wrote: “Right click your project in the Solution Explorer, and select Add / New Item. Select NPM configuration file”

    Unfortunally there is no Template for an NPM configuration file.

    • admin

      Hey Claus,

      Thank you for your comment! Do you have all of the perquisites installed? I believe the NPM config file template may not have been included in earlier versions of Visual Studio.

      Either way, you can create your own NPM config file by adding a JSON file titled “package.json.” If saving that files fails to trigger an npm install, you can run an “npm install” command in the command line at the root of your project.

      Good luck!

      • Claus Zielke


        Thanks for your reply. We have the latest Visual Studio Enterprice with all updates, but I can’t see the “package.js” Element. I will try it with the commandline, but I think I will need some kind of nuget package or something else is missing.

        Thank you for your time

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